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For Henry Thomas Bennett

When you die butter don’t melt in yo mouf Every thang posed to be nice an cool an awright Lees till we kin gitchu good in da groun’ Wet it wit sawt wahda An give outcho thangs ta da good will Dey kill you dead den dead ahgin Take yo bref an yo past Noose em up one atha duh utha Hih you watch somebody die two times in ah life Hih don’t nobody know bout all dem times he meant da world ta somebody Dey keep ya living like a ol dead thang hauntin’ Den kill you ahgin case somebody missed it da firs Can’t nobody cool thangs off Set his mouf skraight an his soul off nice Lessin dey know bout dem times he was da whole moon and sun Ta somebody

© Vanya Allen

South Bay FL- January 23, 2016. Photo by Johanne Rahaman

South Bay FL- January 23, 2016

#photography #poetry #art #language

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