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Whus Blacka

Whus Blacka dan Hands in yo hair Weavin clouds down ta earf Trickin gravity Duckin laws Makin mo beautiful Da mos beautiful Whus Blacka dan Warm legs huggin yo arms And stiff necks from bein tol ta Turn dis way Hol ya head down Dis awl we know An we know it Whateva make us keep stannin up So big and proud I swea mus come from da head down Is dat why we got awl dis hair so tagetha Why we cuh take pig grease and turn miracles Whus Blacka dan a way from no way Whus mo beautiful

© Vanya Allen

Breyona Pahokee, Palm Beach County, FL December 12, 2015. Photo by Johanne Rahaman

#photography #art #language #poetry

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