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Roun da Co'na

Cow'na yea in mango seazins Swimmin Chrissmiss day Aht run a gayta zigzag Stay ahtside an play Git awl dat ghetto country slang Ahtcho howse an hood Say it agin in yo white voice When dey tell you da tawk good Kuhbillion cracks an bad come backs on da blackness uh yo skin But dark, thick an bowleg Sustas awlways in Sho nuff souf but kinda su'in else We wit erebody but we by ah'self We'kuh tell if you from heah From hih you take heat Aleven monfs skraight a yea Shinin on yo feet vinegar on erethang fawlin ahtda tree Suga in fields right upda skreet Sawt on wadamelon bitta on sweet And da sun awlways jess roun da co'na

© Vanya Allen

West Palm Beach, FL February 7 2016

#poetry #photography #art #language

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