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Fa yo infamayshin ain’t no lackin No peekin ova no fences waitin at nobody bike dohs Hopin no dumb junk uh make us nothin If we ain’t it rat nih let da sky hit da groun If we ain’t it ain’t no it den Bess part is we cain help butda be diss way When we wa’int when you cou’int see right Imma hatha catch my own eyes from rollin Girl it was deah den too girl I promise you Jess quietuh an mo hunched ovuh Only thang nih when you say shet up We git up an be tawkin agin loud as awl get aht Grinnin like da norf star god dawtuh Wetchu said again you said wet nih do what Oh nah das ok we skraight ova heah Thank you doh preciate dat Dey bump dey gums we suck owuhs an smile White teef an awl girl Bess part botdat is when y’all git mad Girl y’all be so mad girl like big mad When we gatha you up politely Uhn huhn I heard you miss ma’am Yeen see when it went aht my otha eah Deah it go right deah girl you play too much When people ain’t eem playin witchu no mo Been done quit weah wuz you at Someweah mad girl holin dem cards Olah dan ole whatchu keep thowin aht Girl who is payin mine to dat mess you keep Thankin iss yo game awl da time girl Yeen playin nobody but yaself aht here

© Vanya Allen

Brownsville, Miami FL January 18, 2016. Photo by Johanne Rahaman

#poetry #photography #art #language

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