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Deez Fokes

Yo life rilly ain’t shit widaht deez fokes heyun Swea fo God deez da Blacks uh yo dreams Dem da ones you heah bot thu somebody else an laugh an laugh an lissen an lissenin yeen missed a beat Hih dey rilly do sop up dat good gravy Dashu soakin up filtered water Dey been lilli-dillies from da jump Made in the ghetto bitter sweet cold Drank dat Kool Aid pahtna You get’in a wiff uh dey black in da air You get’in ta see dem at work tats cuvuhed You waitin fa su’in ta add tu yo colecshin You’kuh watch a bitch on repeat zoom in Slow down back it up den drop Naw furril doh You luh ta hate dey luh da hate Betchu won’t act like dey ain’t da family Makin it erethang you need Bussin upaht da closit like yo gay cousin Bussin dem cards down at da table Bussin dem plates up Bussin it wide open Bussin up in da barbeque Fresh ahta concerns fa what ya might thank Dey haymaykuhs hit’in hard I ain’t got nut’in bad to say bout em Tell you da troof I rather be on dey side

© Vanya Allen

Urban Beach Weekend 2015- Black America showed up once again to flex their muscles in the fight for "Water Rights" in the little beach town called South Beach.

South Beach, May 23, 2015. Photo by Johanne Rahaman

#poetry #photography #art #language

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