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Look At My Face

I got tude in my jit days from my people dem Look at my face you know what I mean I got plenny from watchin up Let yoon do whatchu posed to do Deya stop a sent’ince in da middle Let it jess drop at da en Yoon know wea it went at You know dayn playin witchoo no mo doh When dey can’t hardly git a word out Den dey giiyoo a look dat giyoo da words Dat fell owfta edge back dea when dey had some playtime Sontines yo tude was in da wrong place Yo Granny don’t woana hea you cussing like whas in yo head Dem people in dis stoh gone be looking Ready to look when we tired uh bein looked at So dey grab dem words from back dea somewea an put it right in dey face Hih many words you see in dem faces When I tell you a lot issa lot Botta book an a haf in jes eyes Two whole songs in da neck part Dance for days when it git down to da arms Irregardless da face giyoo way mo words dat I might can’t say when I get my tude Look at my face is all I gotta make you do

© Vanya Allen

Pahokee, FL January, 15 2016. Photo by Johanne Rahaman

#poetry #photography #art #language

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