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Hit Dat

Light up da lowd rapt ruff in purdy brown naycha Fih up from da top down tudah tip an stay lit Don't stop git it like you live it Git it off da block when you need it Preciate da grit an seed in Gitcho mine right hine da closed doh If you’own wont nobody ta know You luh da smoke dat dance from burnt black Car’rin vibes on air an shape shiftin Cuz you can’t deskroy God wit fih when God fih Might’kuh turn da green to black an gray Boutcho bess bet is ta try ta change su’in Inta nu’in but can’t nu’in be nu’in Why da fenix a fable dis risin rill Jookin erethang ta da surface fa yo good Ain’ta fiya burd hotta dan dis rezarected Rapt in leaves cotton sugar an mango naycha Passin thoo yo place wit dat good Fih from inside aht da bag an in yo mind Go head go head go head go head Why hate when you’kuh partake Hit dat

© Vanya Allen

Urban Beach Weekend 2015- Black America showed up once again to flex their muscles in the fight for "Water Rights" in the little beach town called South Beach.

South Beach, May 23, 2015. Photo by Johanne Rahaman

#poetry #photography #art #language

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