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Coal Worl

Let a lil light peek from undaneef somewhere an I’m close Ain’t gone be too long fo I’m right dea with my lil light Seein what’kuh happen when light git light in da light I know bright when I see it an dis shine baby Like dyemen wit coal still wrapped awl roun it Buncha hard mess keepin aht da light from makin culuh Who’own luh culuh jumpin ere whicha way Iffen you had da tools ta free da jewul you’uh do it wonna Iss jes a luh mo leff anyhih we been chippin at it from day one Cain’t git it awl off iss on our hands an seem like it stick On erethang I luh but dis lil light uh mine I swea I see huh in my mine so clea awlready Awl ready to git fancy an showed ta da worl Gettin enuff light ta thow bike change Coming from rock uh make ya hard an tough Cep dihmens hard tough rill beautifuh an wonit Dea take da tuff cuz da beauty make it worf da trouble She beautifuh enough fa dat an mo den dat Ta be sat’in up in a rock uh block My hanz dirdy my eyes hella shahp Any lil bitta light slippin inta dis box uh Black Holdin heaps uh unworked dihmens inside From da sight uh dis worl an da propa tools Ain’t gone be missed by me nary a time I’mma hol my baby wrapt in coal rat up to it An ax widaht missing a lick What kin you do ta get huh in da right light

© Vanya Allen

Coconut Grove, FL. February 20, 2016. Photo by Johanne Rahaman

#language #art #photography #poetry

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