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Awlat Mouf

I gotta lotta mouf you say well I say Iss bot right I gotta lotta erethang Thick like dat full like dis way only mine is Das hih you know dey mines cuz dey full Wit sparkle an blike gurl majic an deyself Deez soup cooluz kiss da sky an awlat Heaven hea my smooches hell hea my smackin Please buleeh somebody sho nuff crazy bot em, cuz My lips are love in yo face givin you a cheek ta kiss Flesh curled up an down till words bounce aht cursive Poked out till I’m shaped fronta bike You can read my lips furill dey jesshrite Round brown pink curvin an awlat Whus funny is datchu laugh at my lips Whus funnya is you thank I’uh look betta wichoze Nih we’kuh bofe laugh at dat turbleness Me wit awliss mouf an you wit dat lil bit

© Vanya Allen

Martin Luther King Day parade. Brownsville, Miami FL. January 18, 2016. Photo by Johanne Rahaman

#language #art #photography #poetry

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