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Up ta Zion

We’yuh marchin marchin up to Zion Kangs an qwanz crowned proud Hih steppin somebodies ta look at Cocked bike like proud birds stru’in Awl my culud ones what could fly wawk Duh proceshin is a thang ta putcho eyes on Makin owah way waylon up dea pu’in feets down Widaht watchin no stumbles uh no stones When you wawkin cross shoulders it keep you A long way from da groun rat nea sky We’yuh marchin marchin up dat beautifo, dat wundafuh Choice ta live till you die an be somebody’s showda Iffen iss awl we kin do to live is jess live Doin so is da greatess giff we’kuh gih When livin alone is a thang on us awl A rough side uh da mount’in decarated in saints Patient uh wai’in an watchin da worl go thoo it Patient da raised bright chilluns from dark womens Grow thick skin that’kuh tell ova top uh dis livin pain Won't neva stop marchin up dat beautifo dat beautifo Till awlat help headed ta da hills is aht dis valley

© Vanya Allen

Coconut Grove, FL. February 20, 2016. Photo by Johanne Rahaman

#poetry #photography #art #language

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