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Black Florida is an accessible, ongoing photographic archive of the Black rural towns, and inner cities throughout the State of Florida. The project, born in Miami-Dade County, reinterprets marginalized communities from the inside, through the stories of the residents, and offers an alternative concept of abundance, home, and community.


Black communities were intentionally segregated to cultivate more lack. Paradoxically, within these communities are thriving generations of  families that defy the norms and limitations. Photographer, Johanne Rahaman will continue to travel the length and breadth of the State creating a living cultural archive that documents the fullness of Florida's Black communities, presented through architectural, landscape, environmental portraiture, and oral histories. This documentary work is conducted as the artist moves throughout the State, taking archiving from doorstep to doorstep.


BlackFlorida’s nuanced view of Liberty City has garnered comparison to the Oscar winning film, Moonlight via New Yorker magazine's Photo Booth blog, and it has further entered homes and consciousness of the public via Hyperallergic, Vogue Magazine, Jezebel, NPR’s WLRN and WMFE, Oxford American Magazine, Miami NewTimes, Quartz Africa, Orlando Weekly, BBC, CBS4 and NBC6, for its centering of the dignity of working class neighborhoods. 

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