February 26, 2016

Let a lil light peek from undaneef somewhere an I’m close
Ain’t gone be too long fo I’m right dea with my lil light
Seein what’kuh happen when light git light in da light
I know bright when I see it an dis shine baby
Like dyemen wit coal still wrapped awl roun it

February 25, 2016

We’yuh marchin marchin up to Zion
Kangs an qwanz crowned proud
Hih steppin somebodies ta look at 
Cocked bike like proud birds stru’in
Awl my culud ones what could fly wawk
Duh proceshin is a thang ta putcho eyes on
Makin owah way waylon up dea pu’in feets down

February 24, 2016


I gotta lotta mouf you say well I say
Iss bot right I gotta lotta erethang
Thick like dat full like dis way only mine is
Das hih you know dey mines cuz dey full
Wit sparkle an blike gurl majic an deyself
Deez soup cooluz kiss da sky an awlat
Heaven hea my smooches hel...

February 23, 2016

Light up da lowd rapt ruff in purdy brown naycha
Fih up from da top down tudah tip an stay lit
Don't stop git it like you live it
Git it off da block when you need it
Preciate da grit an seed in
Gitcho mine right hine da closed doh
If you’own wont nobody ta know
You lu...

February 20, 2016

Yo life rilly ain’t shit widaht deez fokes heyun
Swea fo God deez da Blacks uh yo dreams
Dem da ones you heah bot thu somebody else
an laugh an laugh an lissen an lissenin yeen missed a beat
Hih dey rilly do sop up dat good gravy
Dashu soakin up filtered water
Dey been...

February 19, 2016


Fa yo infamayshin ain’t no lackin
No peekin ova no fences waitin at nobody bike dohs 
Hopin no dumb junk uh make us nothin 
If we ain’t it rat nih let da sky hit da groun 
If we ain’t it ain’t no it den
Bess part is we cain help butda be diss way
When we wa’int when y...

February 18, 2016


She Dethsula Bey Graves take dis whole worl ta howse
Carry def in huh pockets you might’kuh see fo a dollar
Awlup in da greens an darkuh greens rooted in huh soul
Whateva you’kuh do fa huh she done done an ain’t wont
Bess you jess gih whatseneva she ax fa den git